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Clogged Burner causes Lakewood home’s Heating problem

A broken heater can be a huge problem. Lakewood residents want to stay warm in the cold winter months. In an unfortunate event that happened this winter, a heater broke and our Lakewood heating service team was called. Our technician quickly determined that a clogged burner was the problem. He cleaned the burner and got everything working great again so that the family could be comfortable in their heated home.

A clogged burner is a common cause for a heater breaking. As shown in the above example, our Lakewood heating service can inspect and clean clogged burners and get heaters back up and running in a short time.

Burner Inspection

We inspect the fire to make sure steady blue flame is present and evenly distributed across each burner. We also make sure no on and off puffing occurs. If a burner doesn’t light, shows flame gaps, or puffs on and off, when diagnose it as a clog and perform a cleaning.

Burner Cleaning

When a burner cleaning is needed, our Lakewood heating service will remove the burner by removing the securing clip that holds the burner to the feed pipe. We will then lift the burner out and properly clean it by dislodging any and all clogs that are present. After cleaning, we will reassemble the burner and make sure that it and the heater are working properly once more.

After the heater is working properly, we instruct customers to keep a close eye on the burner and watch the flame distribution for any signs of clogging. It should be known that a dirty burner can cause poor combustion and shorten a heater’s life span, so any little sign of clogging should not go unnoticed. We also tell customers that our Lakewood heating service also provides furnace maintenance services to inspect not only burners, but entire heating and furnace systems.