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Engelwood CO Electric Service Panel Estimates

We were recently phoned by a customer who requested an estimate for a new electrical service panel to be installed in his new Englewood home. Our technician met with him and performed the estimate. He was pleased and decided to go ahead with the installation. After taking local requirements into account, we installed the new electric service panel in their Englewood CO home and the customer was very satisfied with our punctuality, fair price, and skilled work.

An electric service panel is important because it holds the components of an electrical system that distribute power to a home. Installing an electric service panel can be quite tricky because, as previously mentioned, local requirements need to be taken into account. Luckily, our knowledgeable technicians are able to steer customers down the right path when choosing between a main breaker panel, main lug panel, or sub-panel.

Electric Service Panel Options

Main Breaker Panels

A common electric service panel in Engelwood CO is a main breaker panel. The distinguishing factor in this type of panel is the built-in main breaker. The main breaker functions to protect the circuits by limiting the amount of electricity that comes in. It also can be used to shut off all power to the home if need be.

Main Lug Panels

A main lug panel doesn’t have a main breaker. The electric line wires run into lugs and the main breaker is located on the meter. This allows for the power to be shut off from outside the building. This type of panel can be quite useful in the event of a fire when authorities need to shut the power off but don’t have the luxury of being able to enter the home to do so.


Sub-Panels are used when multiple circuits are needed to control energy distribution. They are typically used in spaces like workshops, greenhouses, and garages. Shutting off power to the sub-panel needs to be done through the main breaker.

As seen in the example at the beginning of this article, Tipping Hat offers Engelwood CO homeowners electric service panel estimates and installations. We pride ourselves in providing Engelwood homeowners electric service panel services that are priced fair, finished on time, and meet customer determined budgets. Should an existing or new Engelwood home need an electric panel, we are always there to help.