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Lakewood Furnace Tuneups and Maintenance

One way to ensure a functional and efficient furnace is through regular furnace maintenance. When the winter months are fast approaching, we at Tipping Hat provide a Lakewood furnace maintenance service to customers in need. Our service consists of an inspection of the entire system, heat exchanger, and safety controls. We also remove and clean the burners and adjust the safety controls when needed.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

We visually inspect the heat exchanger for leaks, cracks, and rust points. This is important because any carbon monoxide that is leaked into the home environment can cause serious illness or fatality. We additionally perform chemical tests to make extra sure there is no carbon monoxide emission.

Removal and Cleaning of Burners

A dirty burner can cause poor combustion. Poor combustion can shorten a furnace’s life span and increase the amount soot and condensation that collects on the burners. Our proper inspection of burners involves looking for excess soot and condensation and making sure the burner’s flames are even and distributed properly. If a burner fails inspection, we will clean the burners and make sure they are working properly.

Safety Control Inspection

As previously mentioned, carbon monoxide emission into the home environment can be very dangerous. For this reason, we test the safety controls. We believe that the safety controls should be functional and ready to do their job should a problem arise with the furnace.

For Furnace Maintenance in Lakewood Co call Tipping Hat

Tipping Hat serves the Lakewood area and ensures residents are ready for all seasons. Our Lakewood furnaces maintenance services ensure residents that their furnace is ready for the winter and that they will be warm and comfortable. Like all of our other services, we provide Lakewood furnace maintenance services punctually and aim to satisfy our customers.