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How Lakewood Plumber Recommends Repairing Shower Heads

We recently received a call from a family who was having problems with their shower head not putting out enough water pressure. Upon inspection, we were able to diagnose the problem as a clogged shower head. Our technician was able to clean out the clogged holes and get the water flowing naturally again. This type of situation is quite common. Luckily, our Tipping Lakewood based plumbing repair team has a variety of ways to help customers with clogged shower head issues.

Tool Free Shower head Cleaning

One of the benefits of a tool free cleaning is that it can be performed by the home owner before calling a Lakewood plumbing service like ourselves. The choice is a matter of how comfortable one is with the situation. The steps involved in a tool free cleaning are as follows:

  • Observe the water pressure coming from the shower head
  • Prepare a vinegar solution in a plastic bag
  • Use a rubber band to attach the plastic bag to the connected shower head
  • Soak the shower head for approximately 2-3 hours
  • Flush with water

Advanced Shower Head Cleaning or Shower Head replacement

Because dismantling and reinstalling the shower head requires a bit of plumping knowledge and skill, it’s usually best to have something like that done by your local Lakewood plumber. After observing the water pressure coming from the shower head and determining that an advanced cleaning is needed, our plumbing technician will perform the following steps:

  • Remove the shower head from the faucet
  • Rinse the shower head
  • Dismantle and clean the shower head
  • Reassemble and reinstall the shower head

Not having enough water pressure to enjoy a warm shower after a cold Denver day can be quite unpleasant. Tipping Hat’s Lakewood plumber service can come to a home and clean out clogged shower heads with no problem. We pride ourselves in resolving issues and getting homes back to normal again. There are also so many new shower heads of the market. You may also want to consider have our plumbers upgrade the shower head of your Lakewood home. It is a simple and very affordable way to give a new touch to your bathroom.