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  • Electric Repair
  • Outlet Repair/Replace
  • Breaker or Fuse Replace
  • Troubleshoot Wiring
  • Breaker Panels
  • Aluminum Wiring Repair
  • Service Change or Upgrade
  • Wiring Repair/Replace
  • Lighting Replace/Install
  • Electric Baseboard Heating
  • Breaker Panel Maintenance
  • Light Fixture Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Back-Up Generators
  • Lighting Dimmers
  • Security Lighting
  • Surge Protection
  • Smoke Detectors
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Need Help Rewiring A Home In Lakewood?

Rewiring a home can be a long and frustrating process, so we always suggest that you get help from a professional company if you’re looking to rewire your home in the Lakewood area. A few weeks ago, we were working with one client who had just purchased a trailer home in Lakewood. They knew that purchasing this home would save them a lot of money as they got it for a good price; however the wiring was all old and likely not up to code. After seeing that Tipping Hat was an electric company that could help with their rewiring they gave us a call and asked if we could come look at the home and give them an estimate.

We scheduled an appointment for their rewiring review the very next day and took a look at their new Lakewood trailer home. It turns out that some of the wiring was indeed faulty and there were open wires all along the back of the garage. We gave them an estimate of how much it would cost to rewire the entire home and they were so pleased with the offer that they accepted on the spot. We had the rewiring project completed that same week and they said that it really made a huge difference on the safety of the trailer home. Even after paying for the rewiring project they still saved a lot of money and were very happy with the move.

If You Need Rewiring Service in Lakewood, Call Tipping Hat Today

If you’re looking at a new home and you are quite sure that the electric wiring is not up to code, rewiring could be a good option for you. For more information on rewiring in the Lakewood area, give us a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment to review your home. Many homes have electrical wiring that is outdated and unsafe and making sure that everything is brought up to code can make a big difference on the safety of electricity usage in your home.