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Keeping Denver Water Hot with Water Heater Tune-ups

Running out of hot water is not fun. A Denver homeowner was intent on finding someone to fix her problem and to fix it fast. She called our experts at Tipping Hat, asking for someone to come out to do a tune-up on her water heater. The water it was emitting was not hot at all, so she knew it needed work. Water heaters and tune-ups are our specialties, so we were happy to help. Our water heater technician immediately discovered the problem. One of the elements in her dual element water heater was burned out. Our technician replaced both of the elements with new ones and also replaced the thermostats with 2 new thermostats as well. The water heater immediately began to work and was producing hot water once again.

Repairing elements in dual element system

When something goes wrong inside a dual element water heating system, it’s not that difficult to fix, although it may be difficult to know exactly what to fix. Even if only one heating element is broken, it’s best to replace both of them with new elements. If you don’t, the other older element will probably burn out sooner that the new one, causing you to be out of hot water again and necessitating getting into the interior of the water heating again.

When the two elements are replaced, the two thermostats for those elements should also be replaced at the same time. If the thermostats aren’t working properly, the heating elements can’t be triggered to turn on.

Have a professional do it instead

A professional not only provides thorough work, he or she also supplies work that is usually under warranty. The means that if something goes wrong with the installation, the work will be redone, usually at no cost to the owner. Also, some products do not retain their warranty unless they are installed by a professional.

If You Need a Water Heater Tune-up in Denver, Call Tipping Hat Today

If you have questions about water heaters and tune-ups, give Tipping Hat a call. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and come out to your Denver home to check your system.