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Do You Need A Water Heater Tune-up In Lakewood?

Lately we’ve had a lot of calls from people who are having trouble with their water heaters, saying the water is not working properly or not providing enough hot water. Hot water heaters in Lakewood tend to become damaged over time and making sure that you get a hot water heater tune-up performed on a regular basis is one of the best ways to make sure that it’s running efficiently. Recently, we worked with a homeowner in Lakewood who noticed that they were still getting large energy bills even when the AC or heat was not being used. After realizing that it was because their water heater was taking up a lot of energy they gave us a call here at Tipping Hat and asked if we could take a look at it.

We scheduled a hot water heater tune-up for them the next morning to figure out what the issue was. It turned out that one of the elements had burnt out so the water heater was working overtime to try and heat the water. We drained out the water heater tank and replaced the broken element during our water heater tune-up. After that, we explained how important it is to stay on top of your water heater maintenance in Lakewood with routine water heater tune-ups.

If You Need Tune-up Service in Lakewood, Call Tipping Hat Today

If you’re having trouble with high energy bills in Lakewood it might just be because you haven’t had a water heater tune up done in a long time. A water heater tune up costs a lot less than having to repair a broken water heater later on, so schedule an appointment today. We enjoy working with our customers all across the Lakewood area and we will make sure to get your hot water heater tune up taken care of fast.